Community Conduct Guidelines [V 3]

A Bit of Chiptune operates under a series of guidelines, which are applicable to all members in all spaces. Their purpose is not only to maintain a healthy collective, but also to constantly push ABOC to improve. Additional rules may be added over time or if special circumstances occur.

Creative Guidelines

Connection: When collaborations take place, participants should be able to know who they are working with and should not be denied opportunities to discuss with their peers. 

Credit: Display clear attribution of another’s work. When in doubt, ask the original author how they wish to be credited. 

Compensation: Volunteer work should not be coerced or exploited unfairly. Do not push unpaid/unappreciated positions onto creatives, especially scheduled work resembling a job.

Diversity Guidelines

Acceptance: Curators should not be draw from a pool of homogeneous people for programming and promotion. Furthermore, people of various backgrounds must be free to express themselves without pressure to conform to some arbitrary expectation. 

Access: All should consider how we can make spaces and events as accessible as possible. We should also avoid building a culture that indirectly excludes minorities. Listen to marginalized groups first in discussions about treating or resolving that marginalization. 

Anti-Bigotry: Harassment, bigotry, and prejudice are all unwelcome. This includes booting not only explicit slurs and obvious hate, but also repeated smaller aggressions that perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Anti-Bigotry should not be confused with broader anti-aggression. We’re not going to tone police people, and we won’t accept tone policing.

Community Guidelines

Consideration: Always consider circumstantial and emotional influences when interacting with others. Rules and expectations do not justify cruelty when exceptional forces hinder one’s ability to abide by them. The phrases “Facts don’t care about your feelings” and “Man up” are not welcome here either.

Honesty: Truthfulness is core to a functioning community. Deceiving others is unwelcome.

Privacy: Personal lifestyles are personal. Do not violate others’ privacy regarding their consensual sex lives, location, religious affiliation, and so on. Conversations about these topics are welcome and OK. Invasiveness, obsessiveness, doxxing, and harassment is not.