The next ABOC collab is a 3-4 month project with the theme Ascent. 


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Extra details below. Featured art is by Julian.

Two years ago today, we released our first album, Rxx. It was the first of 3 albums I’ve organized that followed a very distinct workflow:

  • A few months of creation
  • A single theme to inspire artists
  • No extra organization aside from art, mastering, and release

Albums that follow this formula tend to work very well because they don’t tend to drag, they’re open enough that artists can create something authentic to themselves, and the minimalist scope helps me focus on supporting the needs of musicians before anything else.

This next album prompt, Ascent, is a foil to Rxx. Aside from being the fourth album of this kind, it’s also made to represent how far we’ve progressed as a collective in the past two years. The theme for Rxx was Descent, after all.

Here’s what you need to know as a participant. The headers provide a good summary if you’re short on time.

The release will be roughly 100 days from now.

  • Participants will have ~75 days to produce and submit a song.
  • ~25 days will be spent mastering and preparing a release party.

Patrons will get early access to audio files, because they are funding the project. Exceptions may apply depending on individual musician’s comfort. You can support this and other projects on Patreon here. 

Musicians will be allowed to post their songs elsewhere as soon as the album drops, and they will be allowed to use the album art for those releases as long as they provide credit.

We will be following Creative Conduct.

  1. Connection: Everyone involved will be able to share drafts and discuss ideas in our Discord.
  2. Credit: The album will be credited as “Various Artists” and individual tracks will be credited as the musician(s) who made the music.
  3. Compensation: $300 or more will be split equally between management, cover art, and mastering. 80% of Bandcamp earnings will be split between the artists. 20% will go towards paying Bandcamp cuts and sustaining ABOC so we can do more work like this.

These “Hailynn Star” albums are generally not selective.

If we receive an incredibly high number of submissions, we may be more selective so that each musician in the album can get a cut and spotlight that isn’t negligible.

This will not cancel Fighting Furies.

Fighting Furies is a collaboration led by Jakk. This collaboration is led by myself, Cass.

You will still own your song.

You may still post, play, sell, and release your song if it’s in the album. We may play the album at some ABOC events in the future (eg. in livestreams for Infinite Lives between sets). If you’re uncomfortable with this, speak up.


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